Ananda College Achieves Remarkable Success in 2023

Ananda College has reached new heights of academic excellence, marking a significant milestone in its storied history. The recently released results of the G.C.E. Advanced Level examination 2023 highlight the outstanding performance of our students, with 179 boys achieving 3A passes across various streams. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the dedication and hard work of both our students and faculty.

Breakdown of 3A Passes by Stream:

Physical Science: 65 students
Biological Science: 27 students
Commerce: 62 students
Arts: 12 students
Engineering Technology: 8 students
Non-Stream: 5 students

In addition to the exceptional 3A passes, 82% of our students have qualified for university entrance, reflecting the strong academic foundation and supportive learning environment at Ananda College.

Notable Achievements:

Charith Irodha: Island First in the Physical Science section

Irosha Perera: Colombo District First and Island Sixth in the Engineering Technology stream

These top rankings are a testament to the exceptional talent and commitment of our students. Charith Irodha’s achievement as the island first in the Physical Science section showcases the rigorous academic training provided at Ananda College. Similarly, Irosha Perera’s dual distinction in the Engineering Technology stream highlights the diverse academic prowess nurtured within our institution.

A Tradition of Excellence

The success in the 2023 G.C.E. Advanced Level examination is not an isolated event but a continuation of Ananda College’s long-standing tradition of academic excellence. Our students’ achievements are the result of a well-rounded education system that emphasizes both scholastic and co-curricular development.

Future Prospects

With such impressive results, our students are well-prepared to embark on their higher education journeys at prestigious universities, both locally and internationally. The comprehensive education they have received at Ananda College equips them with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

Gratitude and Acknowledgments

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the students, teachers, and parents who have contributed to this success. We pay our respect and gratitude to the principal Mr D.M.L.P. Dissanayake who contributed immensely to achieve this glory with his team mates in the management committee. The support and encouragement from the Ananda College community have been instrumental in achieving these outstanding results.

Ananda College continues to be a beacon of educational excellence, inspiring future generations to achieve greatness. We look forward to celebrating more milestones and commendable achievements in the years to come.

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